Location: Windsor,CA/Detroit,MI
Born in Windsor, Ontario Canada Oct.7,1987.Real name Royce Grayer and was raised in both places techno music originated from (Detroit,Michigan & Windsor,Ontario).

These cities share a border between each other,which exposed him to the early pioneers of the electronic music scene at a real young age ,so he is no stranger to the electronic music scene or DJ world .After visiting many raves and holding his very own breakdancing battles with friends at many different location across windsor, and one that was hugely known as the UnderGround and many other random locations in the late 90's and early 2000's. Since then he has been partly active in the scene until about 2006 Royce aka Speekrcreep started producing his very own original music and actively dj-jing through out the city of windsor and during that time ,he has gain a lot of experience in producing and releasing many original tracks,Remix's & Dj sets under many different alter-ego's,experimenting with every style from Break Beats,hip-hop,Dubstep,Drumstep,DnB to Electro House and yes, even Break-Core which many aren't to familiar with.

2006 to 2013
Royce was introduced to the online world and since then he's managed to gain a lot of respect worldwide & support in his local club scene, helping organize many free events & club nights with the main goal of supporting his local scene ,to playing live shows at art galleries,fundraiser,nightclubs,University radio,etc or just to have a good time, with the joy of letting people hear his unique style of music he has produced over the years.

He was also a dj for Windsor cities biggest audio,visual procution & event Lighting design companie ( ) playing events attended by the cities mayor and many other high ranking executives from around the world.Also playing a fundraiser event for Hospice,which is a foundation to help sick children and families in need and with all that,he was still able to juggle an on going dj residency at one of Windsor Cities finest Restaurant & Lounge's ( Panache Ultra Lounge ) He has also dj-ed many events hosted by Windsor Eats ( )

Royce aka Speekrcreep also was a promoter for Windsor cities only world class nightclub for almost a year (,later on feeling he needed more then just his local scene to do the trick and get his name out there,He decided to start booking shows across the bridge to neighbouring city Detroit.MI and other parts of Michigan&Ohio were the electronic music scene is thriving & well.

With the help of communication he was able to get shows with one Detroit's biggest dubstep/EDM music promoters under one of his alter-ego's named Dstruct.O ( ) making friends with a lot of Detroit's most respected promoters and djs in the game,whom he continues to connect with to this day.
All that and he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In 2008 Royce started pushing his own electronic music label "Subbbace Records"( under the name Dstruct.O due to the fact other label's never seemed interested in his work,so he decided to start his own to push releases produced by him and other artists alike,with the main goal of building a successful and respected music label & to help other artists who are in it for the love of making music and not the money..

Royce has opened shows for many respected Producers & Dj’s in the game,to name a few like J.Rabbit,TerraBad,OriginalSin,Osborne,MattClarke,MikeHuckaby,Kero,AnnieHall,D-Sisive,Etc.Most DJ’s choose to play on laptops & midi controllers these days,but Royce aka Speekrcreep prefers sticking with the traditional cd's and pioneer cdjs + mix, Due to its standerd use in every nightclub and he's just that good on them, always creating new , unique and seamless mixes only djs with great ears,years of experience and knowledge could achieve.Their is no auto beat matching and pre mixes in his sets.
Look out for the name beacuse he's been gaining more and more support everyday .

2014 and Beyond

Royce aka Speekrcreep has currently started looking towards the future and totally switched directions,due to the ongoing saturation and watering down of the electronic music scene,he has decided to start a whole new label named Trebaltek Records which is a new up and coming underground electronic dance music label run by a small team of professional producer / dj's from the Windsor,Ontario & Detroit,Michigan area.Specialize in music releases on vinyl / digital and other various formats.

If you would like to now more about his label please visit: if you would like to get more information on original music,tourdates,mixes,etc please see links below.


Genre: (Tribal,House,Electro,Techno)